Our Business Units

Premier Health of America provides specialized healthcare services through specialized business units that are fully dedicated to be a leader in their market.

Since 2003, Premier Health Staffing is a leading healthcare staffing agency for professionals in Quebec, serving more tham 480 public and private hospitals, medical clinics and retirement homes. We provide temporary or permanent resources, including Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Registered Therapists and Personal Support Workers.

Nordik Premier Health (previously known as Excel Health) provides health consulting, nursing and health care services in remote communities located in northern regions of Canada. With our unique Extended Role 4-weeks training, our staff are fully qualified in remote nursing practices and are sensitized and adapted to the special environments and culture of remote and rural communities of the Great North.

Because our business processes are key factors of success, PHA develops and operates with its proprietary PSweb platform. Every customer interactions and request for professionals are optimized and steamlined through the use of business process automation and business intelligence applications.

Premier Health Transport is a specialized medical transport division, integrating patient movement from one institution to another, accompanied by a nursing assistant. We operate our own fleet of fully equiped vehicules.

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