Our proprietary PSweb I.T. platform

Our unique software has been developed since 2008 and is designed to boost hospital and administrative productivity, give new insights into healthcare staffing and improve the overall quality of care provided.

Advanced Health Tech for staffing

Digital transformation is key in health sector to provide patients faster, cheaper and more accessible care services. Staffing is also a major issue to get the best healthcare resources at the best place and time. Disruptive technology is available, and PSweb is an innovative platform to lead the market.

Connecting people with work

Through PSweb, we directly connect industry needs for resources to pre-qualified healthcare professionals

100% Mobile and Live

PSweb is available as mobile applications on AppStore and Google Play, for real time assignments, geo-positioning, confirmations and billing.

Complete business process automation

All processes are managed within PSweb, from recruitment, employees, customer requests, resource allocations and billing.

B.I. and A.I. ready

With Business Intelligence, the data is analyzed in depth to identify trends and optimize our processes.

With Artificial Intelligence, our algorithms always improve the quality of our services.

Best of the bread management tools

Best staffing can only be delivered with the best software tools to give best services to our customers and our resources at minimum operating costs.

Custom Built for Healthcare

CRM end-to-end platform that automate our industry business processes and support 24/7/365 customer requests dispatch center.

Employee Friendly

Integrated iPhone and Android applications for direct interaction and live availability updates to better engaged employees.

Fully Integrated Sources

Customer inquiries can be obtained from a variety of sources, from fax, email, telephone or specific API. Being directly connected significantly improves the allocation process.

100% Scalable to New Segments

PSweb reliable infrastructure is flexible to be portable to other business segments, verticals and geographies.

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